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  • I really like your healthy farm fresh teas but they’re so hard to find. Where can I get them?

    For gift packs, have our partner Marketa PH deliver straight to your doorstep. Just click the "Shop Now" button on our website or Facebook Page ( or go to Marketa PH.

    For bulk orders, send us a message via our website (Contact Us) or email us at
    Thank you!:)

    Bayani Brew Facebook Page
    Marketa PH
    Contact Us

  • What else can we source from you guys?

    You can also check out the other cool social enterprise links below. They’re not exactly brewing beverages, but hey we share the same advocacy we love to support!

    Plush & Play
    GK Enchanted Farm
    Theo & Philo

  • So where can I recycle my BB bottles?

    There is one practically in every city, and even accessible at malls. Read More In any event, we would gladly pick up the used bottles and recycle them for you if you’re a regular customer we have deliveries to. We’re also collaborating with other start-ups in resourcefully utilizing our used bottles for upcycled chic functional items.

  • Are your bottles BPA-free?

    Yes, they are! PET bottles are BPA-free and fully-recyclable (though intended for single-use only for food consumption). To reiterate, PET does not contain BPA, so they’re safe and non-carcinogenic. In fact, in some cases, PET-based products are used as replacement for resins that do contain BPA such as epoxy resins which are found in soda can linings.

  • Wow, that’s really cool packaging, what the heck is it?

    Rock paper rocks! It’s waterproof and tree-hugger-friendly. Joyce Kilmer would be proud. Our ready-to-drink bottles are recyclable PET and our concentrate bottles are made of reusable glass. PETs and glass are and SHOULD be recycled! In fact, there is cash in trash! Even your neighbourhood junkshop would buy PETs P15 bucks a kilo (or roughly 27 used bottles, a month’s worth of BB!)

  • I can’t get enough of BB, do you have it in a liter or a gallon container?

    We wish we could, but due to the natural ingredients used, oxidation occurs faster than usual in larger containers. Once opened -- allowing more air to accumulate in the bottle -- expiration is hastened and we can’t guarantee you’d enjoy your BB as long as you’d like. In the meantime, you can get your daily dose with a 6-pack (better yet, just get two and you get an extra baon for the week!) We also have concentrate versions in 500ml glass bottles that are perfect for restos and hotel buffets. (hint! hint!)


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