June 15, 2016

#everydayBayani – Ka Rudy

Now that we’ve just finished commemorating our nation’s fight for independence and remembering the heroes of the revolution (as well as enjoying those sweet FREEdom day freebie promos), we want to continue the true meaning of all this by honoring the #everydayBayanis in our lives.


We’ll begin with Ka Rudy Enteria. He comes from the same grassroots from which our Katipuneros emerged… But while they’ve successfully fought for our freedom, Ka Rudy and thousands of farmers like him still struggle constantly.

Chairman Rudy

They’re our #everydayBayanis because we have them to thank for our food and nourishment on a daily basis. They are the unsung and anonymous heroes that toil under the scorching heat, feeding the multitudes who will never know their names or their faces and who don’t realize the nobility of their sacrifice. And they do all this for a pittance which doesn’t even begin to approximate the value of what they do.

Darn right, it is a thankless job, so honoring them in our own small way is the least we can do.


So thank you Ka Rudy and the thousands of agrarian reform beneficiaries like you — thank you for the blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed, for the callouses on your hands, and for all your backbreaking labor.  Thank you for making sure that lazy and spoiled bastards like us will never have to go to bed hungry, even as you and your families often do.


In the next coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more stories of our #everydayBayanis.  We know that you have them too, so we hope you’ll join us in honoring the ordinary people who have touched our lives in humble, but no less extraordinary, ways.


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