November 28, 2016

Limited Edition Bayani Brew Designed by Dan Matutina

Dear Bayani Bros,

Each year, the Bayani Brew Crew attempts to find new ways to continue its endless quest to make Filipinos fall batsh*t crazy in love with our country. We often celebrate the heroes among us, those who give us reasons to be proud of our nation, our qualities, our heritage.

This time, we’ve chosen to honor a different brand of hero — the Creative Changemaker.

Creative Changemakers are those among us who fan the flames of transformative change through their courageous crafts — the artist with a message, the writer with a vision, the creator with a dream.

We’re delighted to announce we’ve joined forces with the uber-inspiring Dan Matutina, as he shares his selfless genius by creating Limited Edition Bayani Brew bottles — one that seeks to encourage the creative changemaker in every Filipino.

   bbxdanmatutina-mad-concoction  bbxdanmatutina3  bbxdanmatutina-camotea-commotion

It is our honor to invite you to help spread this message by sharing this humble gift with your friends, family and co-workers, to remind us that, sometimes, all that heroism takes is a little imagination: the courage to imagine a better world, and the right amount of craziness to make it happen.


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