December 7, 2015

Six more reasons why you should have a Bayani Bunch 6pack gift pack

Ok so you’re sold on the whole Bayani Brew mission, and will grab a bottle every time you run into a Bayani Bro store, but did you know there’s a Bayani Bunch Holiday Gift Pack?

Holiday Labels

Still not persuaded by the cute dancing lechon and the videokid that will bring merriment to your noche buena feast? Here are 6 More Reasons why you should have/ give a BB 6pack Gift pack:

#6. Unlike other six-packs everyone desires, you don’t have to work-out at the gym to get this.

#5. If you give a Bayani Brew 6pack, it really shows you super duper like this person. If just one bottle, uh not so much.

#4.  Every year, your new year’s resolution is to no longer do last minute christmas shopping, but well, who are you kidding. When you give this BB Gift Pack, it’s delivered to your doorstep (so sans the hassle of mall madness traffic), makes you seem really thoughtful, and the recipient would have absolutely no clue it was very last minute.

#3.  After you drink one bottle, yippee!!! There’s still 5 more!

#2. After you drink two bottles, hurrah! There’s still 4 more! (It is  literally and figuratively the gift that keeps on giving!)

 And the last but not the least reason why you should definitely have a BayaniBunch 6pack:

#1. When you finish all the bottles (and recycle them), the 6pack box makes a really awesome container for those CDs you collected in the last century but just can’t seem to get rid of.


If you’re not convinced by the last two reasons, well, then there’s always the 4pack!

4Pack Holiday KickAss

So scurry now and order your Gift Pack online at

Or for bulk orders, just give us a  holler at  We deliver, and with the traffic these days, even very late at night.



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