March 27, 2018

Why We Brew What We Brew

Bayani Brew partner farmers

Bayani Brew is a social enterprise brewing specialty beverages and advocating sustainable sourcing from small local farm communities.

Instead of using regular tea leaf (Camellia sinensis) which does not grow much in the Philippines, we use organically-grown local ingredients such as lemongrass (tanglad), sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote), pandan and moringa (malunggay) in making our brewed teasan line of specialty beverages. We choose these kinds of crops because these are climate-resilient, making it less risky for farmers to grow. On top of that, we also purchase these low-maintenance crops at higher-than-market price because we’re able to transform them into higher-value goods as key ingredients for our specialty drinks.

Our Bayani Brew iced teasan flavors are: inspired by uber-healthy Filipino heritage tsaa recipes, caffeine-free (making them good for kids too!), and less sweet than the typical sugary iced teas.

If you’d like to join us in brewing a movement supporting small local farms, leave us a note via the “Contact Us” button above and share with us how you’d like to help out. If you simply just want to get your hands on some refreshing iced teasan bottles, have them delivered to your doorstep via our partner Shopee (click here). Cheers!🌿


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